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22/05/2018  Νέοι πελάτες και σχόλια
Anna Ireland, 04 Sep 12

Were you pleased with the treatment?

Overall I have to say amazing... Got lots of work done over a 6 visit while on holidays in Corfu. I got 2 veneers done, whitening and sliver filling replacement x 10.
Sotiria Delli was excellent English and got work done in a hour per visit. I must say very hygienic, modern facilities. The overall pratice was beyond what I expected and comparing it to Irish facilities we are years behind. I would highly recommend this facility. Got the work done for my upcoming wedding for a fraction of the price it would of costed at home. On my return to Corfu in the future I will do check ups ! Leave a message and remember they are two hours behind here. They alo close between two and five..August is a national holiday session over so not the best month to get work done. Hope if u decide to go here you are as happy as I am. Treatments Laser Teeth Whitening
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