Post op extraction aftercare
*  Avoid anything hot on the day of the extraction; prefer instead lukewarm or slightly cold food and beverages.
*  Don’t use antiseptic mouthwash, salt water or anything else to rinse your mouth right after extraction.Resume normal oral hygiene practices the next day in order to avoid infections. A mouthwash can now be used to cleanse the mouth.
*  Avoid taking aspirin, as it causes bleeding. You may take paracetamol painkillers such as Depon or Panadol.
*  If severe pain persists, you may take anti-inflammatory medication such as NIFLAMOL or MESULID. Be sure to use pain medication as directed by your Doctor and only if you are not allergic to it.
*  If bleeding or swelling occurs, contact immediately your doctor.
*  Do not smoke for the next couple of days and do not engage in strenuous activities.
*  If light bleeding occurs, place a gauge pad on the extraction site and press it firmly for about half an hour, apply an ice pack on your cheek or just spit the blood out.
*  In case of profuse bleeding, contact immediately your doctor or visit the nearest hospital
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Post op extraction aftercare
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