Usual Questions
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What kind of people have cosmetic dental treatments?
Cosmetic dentistry is no longer the preserve of models and film stars. With new minimally invasive techniques and painless treatments, cosmetic dentistry is now readily accessible for almost anyone who is unhappy with the appearance of their teeth.
Will it be obvious I have had treatment?
This depends on how radical the changes are but usually people who know you well will notice the improvement to your smile. Others will notice how good you now look but often find it hard to tell why. And those who have never met you before will just think you have a great smile!
How much can be done?
If your smile has faded or darkened and your teeth have areas that are a little chipped or worn then smile rejuvenation may be the treatment of choice. This combination of tooth whitening and cosmetic contouring will revitalise your smile in only one or two appointments. If your teeth are not suitable for whitening or if you want to achieve an even whiter appearance you may consider porcelain veneers, which can improve other cosmetic problems as well. Even if there has been significant tooth surface loss, resulting in a reduction in lower face height and multiple missing teeth it is still possible to rebuild the entire dentition and re-establish function and appearance. Tooth replacement Implants and new aesthetic bridge techniques ensure that even if you have missing teeth there are still ideal aesthetic treatments available to restore your smile. Full mouth reconstruction Even if there has been significant tooth surface loss, resulting in a reduction in lower face height and multiple missing teeth it is still possible to rebuild the entire dentition and re-establish function and appearance.
Is it expensive?
This varies depending on the services provided and the number of teeth treated. The costs reflect the value of the time taken and the skill of the dentist as well as the equipment and materials used. Our Dental Clinic is totally committed to quality, hence our exclusive five year guarantee. The Dental Clinic\'s many satisfied customers are testament to the value of their investment, in many cases enhancing quality of life by improving self-image and self-confidence. Fees are discussed openly and clients are given a treatment plan with a full breakdown at the consultation.
Do I have to take special care or change eating habits after treatment?
Porcelain veneers and crowns don\'t stain and are designed to take as much wear as your natural teeth. But you should never use your teeth as tools - such as cracking nuts or opening bottles. Clients should follow a normal oral hygiene routine to maximise longevity of their own teeth and any new restorations alike.
How many appointments do I need?
This depends on what treatment is required after the initial consultation. As a guide however, major smile improvements, including porcelain veneers, can usually be completed in a week or two with only two or three appointments.
Will the treatment hurt?
We endeavour to make the whole experience as relaxed and stress free as possible. Modern techniques mean that even if you do require a local anaesthetic, this can be undertaken with the minimum discomfort.
How long will my new smile last?
The longevity of your new smile is directly related to how well you look after it. An after-care programme will be recommended to promote the health of your teeth and gums. As guidance, in the case of veneers or crowns we would expect them to last at least 15 years. We advise that whitening treatments should be repeated every 2-3 years.
Will my teeth look bad between treatment sessions?
Not even for an hour will your teeth look bad. You will be instantly given temporary restorations tailored made after your own teeth. The first step in smile makeover, in particular, is to take impressions of your teeth to make a diagnostic wax-up. This way, not only can patients preview their smile but they can also suggest any changes they might prefer. The approved wax-up will work as a guide for final restorations to be made. Thus, the patient has the opportunity to trial these new restorations, when these include crowns, bridges, veneers, and even check the aesthetics, phonetics and other functions.
Does drilling damage my teeth?
Proper drilling performed in order to place a veneer or a crown, not only does it not damage teeth but it can also protect them on some occasions, such as in high caries cases or in cases we have periodontal teeth with increased mobility that require splinting. Furthermore, in cases of missing teeth, avoiding to reconstruct occlusion and replace your missing teeth because of fear for the drill, can have major consequences, such as occlusion impairment, orthodontic issues, gum or periodontal disease, due to malocclusion, teeth wear etc
I live outside of Corfou

Lot of our clients are coming from abroad. We always organize the therapy plan as soon as possible so you can book your flights in advanced. Corfou has an International airport and from March to October  charter flights are in place every day.