Fixed prosthetics aftercare
*  If you have a bridge or a crown restoration, use a medium toothbrush to clean your restorations as you would normally do to your teeth. Move the toothbrush in a circular motion from your gum towards your restorations so to prevent gums from gradually receding and thus exposing the area where the crown meets the tooth.
*  Use floss or interdental brushes on a daily basis according to your doctor’s instructions. Bridges need particular floss, such as superfloss by oralb.
*  Eat normally avoiding excessive practices, such as to break things using your teeth, open bottles etc. Excessive forces can cause the porcelain to break and it is almost impossible to repair it.
*  If it seems that the restoration contacts before your other teeth do when you chew or close your mouth, you need to contact your doctor because you risk breaking the porcelain or experiencing pain during chewing.
*  Patients should frequently visit their doctor in order to check and clean their teeth from plaque, so that they maintain good oral health and ensure optimum service longevity for their restorations.
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Fixed prosthetics aftercare
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