Removable prosthetics aftercare
*  Partial or full dentures should be left soaking when you are not wearing them.
*  Remove accumulated calculus by using special tablets available at the pharmacy two or three times a week.
*  Dentures must be cleaned on a daily basis with special brushes available at the pharmacy. Brush your teeth after removing your denture.
*  The patient should initially eat small pieces of food keeping soft pieces distributed evenly on both sides until he feels confident to eat harder pieces.
* It is common that during the first few days following the denture, our mucous membrane is injured. The patient must then immediately visit his doctor to trim down the excess flanges.
*  Regular dental check-ups at six months intervals are necessary for your doctor to check if the denture fits you properly or if it needs to be rebased.  
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Removable prosthetics aftercare
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