If a lateral frelulum is attached too close on gum, this could gradually result in tooth root exposure and recession, arise esthetical issues, root sensitivity in hot and cold and eventually lead to tooth loss because of the tooth’s increased mobility. It is also important to postpone the excision of an excessive frenulum origin that sits too high on gum until permanent canines erupt, usually between the ages of 12-13, so that no diastema occurs between the central incisors. A tight labial frenulum, on the other hand, can cause deglutition and speech impediments, such as impaired articulation. Therefore, once the problem is diagnosed, we must proceed in the excision of the problematic frenulum. Laser used in this procedure instead of a scapel, enhances recovery time as it sterilizes as it cuts, minimizes pain, bleeding, the need for satures or the need for the patient to take any antibiotics.
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