Teeth Cleaning- Gingivitis and Periodontitis Treatment

Gingivitis treatment is usually carried out in two or three sessions depending on the severity of each case and on how well the patient responds to the treatment. In case of persistent inflammations, KTP laser is used to reduce adherent gum bacteria load and perform debridement on the bacteria infiltrated epithelium. KTP laser can also be used in case of persistent gingival hyperplasias.
Periodontical treatment is carried out in four sessions, working on one quadrant at a time, administrating local anesthesia to increase patient comfort and eliminate the slightest discomfort. Each treatment session involves subgingival scaling, root planning and laser assisted sterilization of pockets and debridement of epithelial immersions. This way, we manage to remove excess gum bacteria and increase the amount of non pathogenic bacteria against the competitive pathogenic ones. Finally, osteoblasts are activated to some extent and grow new bone.

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Teeth Cleaning- Gingivitis and Periodontitis Treatment
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