Teeth Whitening
”The attractiveness of a smile is an important component of oral health. The color and arrangement of the teeth and the relationship to the soft tissues and bones of the face, give the overall aesthetic value of the human face. Of the components, the shade of the teeth is the easiest to alter and thus to gain a cosmetic improvement for the dental patient. Having said this; it must be remembered that the health of the gingival tissues can greatly affect the appearance of the smile. Thus, periodontal care is an important part of cosmetic dentistry and should be undertaken before any attempt of tooth-discoloration.
The basic strategy is to first identify the aetiology of the discoloration and to apply the selected treatments using the philosophy as much as required, but as little as necessary or else “minimal invasive dentistry”. “
In-office whitening is possible with KTP laser. View laser whitening cases
Porcelain Veneers
Porcelain Crowns
Full Mouth Rehabilitation
Teeth Whitening
Complete or Partial Dentures
Porcelain Bridges
Gum Reshaping
Teeth Cleaning- Gingivitis and Periodontitis Treatment
Fillings or Tooth Restorations
Porcelain Inlays
Root Canal Treatment, Pulpotomy in primary teeth
Herpetic Lesion treatment, Aphthous Ulcer Treatmeny and Traumatic Ulcer Treatment
Surgical extraction of impacted teeth, such as wisdom teeth